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f the sound of industrialised thrash with a nihilistic view of mankind’s future in the grip of a pandemic sounds interesting to you, then don’t hesitate to check outVirion. It’s every bit as essential as it sounds.

When not designing logos for top metal magazine websites (TeethOfTheDivine) by day, Kansas boy Brandon Duncan records music by night under the TSOP moniker, specializing in a doom-tinged brand of electronic-enhanced thrash that never removes its black boot from the listener’s throat. Virion is an epic, lyrically frightening concept album about how a single, tiny, infectious microbe (for example, a virion like HIV) can upend massive organisms and whole universes. In other words, this dark meditation on mortality offers deadly riffs and programmed beats that make Ministry’s Al Jourgensen sound like a wuss. Bask in the eco-apocalyptic horror of “Backlit” at your own risk. And whatever you do, don’t spin instrumental track “Icosahedron” after sunset. The crushing drum solo will ice your blood. Download at thesequenceofprime.com. ★★★★★
-Vegas Seven

What can't Brandon Duncan do??? He's an ace graphic designer, musician and producer/engineer. This project is proof. Agoraphobic Nosebleed's half-human/half-robot vibe + shredding thrash/death riffs + smart lyrics + batshit-crazy vocals = The Sequence of Prime. It's freaky, it's fresh and it's free at the band's Bandcamp.

‎Whereas the riffs cement the many seams of the Virion monster and skillfully programmed drumming greases the joints, it’s Duncan’s swallowed-mike vocals that give the beast power to assail and raze and imbue it with unbound ferocity.
-Metal Review

It’s amazing when you take a blind chance on an album, only to have it lovingly rip your head off. This is exactly what happened to me with Virion, the second self-released album by Plainville, Kansas artist Brandon Duncan, who records under the nom de guerre of The Sequence of Prime. I stumbled across his website on the recommendation of another metal writer, and upon several listens, I can tell you Virion is without a doubt one of the most original, incredible, and downright vitriolic records I have heard in a very long time.

This is my wet dream.

Akin to a mad scientist, Duncan strings together bits of doom, grind, industrial and thrash to create an absolute monster of an album. While Virion teeters more frequently between thrash and grind fundamentals, it never settles solely for one above the other. Though it can be difficult to place precise musical comparisons, subtle hints of bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Slayer and Ministry creep into focus from time to time, but not too often. These songs are rife with raucous riffing (see “Cenozoic Anoxia“), pounding programmed drums (“Icosahedron”) and unhinged discordant vocals that are sometimes strongly reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy”.

Like any Frankenstein, some may view Virion as nothing more than a pile of parts sewn together without a thought of the consequences (an abomination, if you will), while others will see it for what it is; a beautiful and brilliant work of art that requires a bit of time and patience to fully understand and appreciate.
-Teeth of the Divine

The music is a mix of metal subgenres, with elements of thrash, black metal, and industrial coming together to create a chaotic sound that really fits the subject matter perfectly. Duncan’s vocals tend to vary between creepy spoken word and panicked screaming, the guitar tone is heavily distorted and gritty, and the production is a bit raw without sounding like utter shit. The industrial elements are sprinkled here and there, adding a bit of flavor without overpowering the rest of the instruments.
-The Number of the Blog

What always captures my attention are the lyrics to any conceptual piece, so when a band takes pride in rising above the vacancy of a simplistic or boring storyline I’m always more impressed. When a band also undertakes the daunting task of claiming to want to awaken our senses and scare us out of self-submission I want some clear back-up for that. Duncan’s proclivity to stir the fear in your head is achieved tenfold on Virion. The CD is a lesson in the catastrophes awaiting mankind within the veil of its own manic hubris.
-Metal Psalter

This is a progressive album very hard to classify into a genre. Those liking experiments and a rather chaotic playing which from time to time offers you some cleaner part and then it just pummels you, might like this recording. The overall vibe is somewhere between being "nervous" and "insane". Initial impressions may be a bit confused but the patience can pay off. It is quite impossible to listen to "Virion" without succumbing to it fully. Then you might fall in love with it...
-Mortem Zine

Plainville, KS. I had to look it up on a map, but this town is home to The Sequence of Prime mastermind Brandon Duncan. Virion was written, produced, programmed, and sung completely by Duncan. it is a masterful and dark piece that reminds me of Ministry and is tortured just enough to be intriguing but not trite. The thing thrashes and while it could be considered lo-fi at times, it adds a layer of organic dirt that shiny production just lacks these days.
-NakedCity Magazine

He stands alone and does everything by himself : from programming to playing and singing. And I might add he is a fresh wind going through the thrash and industrial scene. Not just a mere summation of riffs but great songs. Think SYL, think Slayer meets Ministry and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. ‘Virion’ is the second effort of Brandon and actually is a concept album where a virus is destroying not just worlds but galaxies! Rarely it happens that an album can take you in. It’s raw, it’s loosely arranged, and it’s primitive but very honest and innovative with a vocal achievement many will be jealous of.
-Lords of Metal


released May 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Sequence of Prime Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Enlightenment
Traveling through space and time
Material form no longer mine
Testing what was set in stone
Learning what was never known

Behind the stars is a fractured reflection
A broken mirror image of my inner savior

I hold out my hand with a smile
Pulling myself into the abyss

All is clear in the pitch black

Everything I know is wrong
Searching for what can’t be found
The question of life has no answer

Parallel with my conscience
Life complete with no substance
Existence precedes essence
Afterlife based on science
Track Name: Cenozic Anoxia
Lapses in oceanic circulation
Global conveyer belt ceases to function
Oxygen depleted in cataclysmic fashion

Heavy erosion, volcanic outgassing
Ozone depletion leads to mass extinction

Obstruction, deprivation, stagnation
Ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric penetration

Consequential suffocation from deoxygenation
Comprehensive homosapien fossilization
Track Name: Backlit
Dragging my feet uphill into a furnace
Crooked trees and amber skies
I see the end but I do not want to arrive

Serpent limbs and crumbling stone
Constricting thoughts of loyal drones
Skies of blood and roots of bone

Darkness cast before me
The last remaining rays
Virescent clouds of acid rain

Soil soaked with toxic waste

Following my elongated shadow
Each step forward skewing my self image
Bending and twisting across the gravel
Backlit by an expiring sun

Evaporating sweat from my leathered skin
Ashen silhouettes adorn the horizon
Gnarled landscape of coagulated crimson

Refracting light toys with my imagination

A paradise of dead leaves and boiling rivers
Reaching up towards a contorted cathedral

Backlit by an expiring sun
Darkness cast before me
Virescent clouds of acid rain
Stripping my clothes away


Reaching up towards a contorted cathedral
Only to fall for infinity into flame
Track Name: Nuclear Winter
Impurity: incomplete combustion
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Mutagens: known human carcinogens
Dreaded combination of fusion and fission

Aerosol: airborne contaminants
Stratosphere blackened by carbon agglomerates
Explosion: plutonium implosion
Final fissioning of depleted uranium

Fallout: radioactive dust
No shelter secure from the noxious mist
Winter: lack of sunlight
Oxygen lost in the infinite night
Track Name: Particulate Matter
Inhaling emissions from exhaling engines
Particle agglomerates, blocked ventilation
Hazardous respiratory discoloration

Particulate matter breeds a black apparition
Synthetic possession without differentiation
Whether worm or a woman it makes no distinction

Super-un-natural ghostly visitation
Haunting our cities and causing deforestation
Proof that fact is more frightening than fiction

A generation born with sterilizing deformations
De-evolution of the entire ecosystem
In Vitro conception fails as our final option

Impossibility of procreation
Negligence delivers a slow suffocation
Global elimination caused by so-called-progression
Track Name: Dandelions in Spring
The retrovirus mutates
Into an airborne pandemic
Cytopathic effects on the host's cellular structure
Extensive irreparable damage
Immunity is an impossibility

Metaphorical Luftwaffe takes to the skies
Nature's genocide
The damage done to man
Will never match what man has done

Quarantine failing
Breath it in

The aftermath
Heaps of human carnage
Corpses litter the landscape like weeds
Dandelions in spring
Track Name: Ecophagy
Nanorobotics engineered as a cure
Mutation of machine matter beyond mature

Self-replicating sub-molecular spiders
Liquified, flesh and bone quickly divided

A single human subject spills out of control
Engine of creation accidentally gone rogue
Exponential reproduction, everything is swallowed

The cure becomes the catalyst for global demise
Mother earth turns grey in the blink of an eye
Track Name: Extremophile
Orbiting a Red Dwarf Star
20 light years in the Extrasolar
Surveillance of Earth from Afar
Unlike anything Man has seen before

Descending once and for all

Superior even to the Gods

Devoid of all pigment
Engulfed in an aura of flame
Eyes like dying planets
Observed from eons away

Absence of all emotion
As it stares into space

Eliminate and recreate

Exoplanetary Puppeteer
Cuts the strings and we disappear