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Overall, Inter- is one of the most flat-out ripping metal albums I’ve heard this year, which is saying a lot considering the amount of music I’m bombarded with on a weekly basis. Mr. Duncan’s singular vision has resulted in something totally unique, a razor-sharp assault on the senses that’s as cerebral as it is utterly neck-wrecking. Consider yourselves warned.
-Josh Haun, That's How Kids Die / MetalBandcamp

For 24 minutes, Inter- roars with the urgency of a timed self-destruct mechanism. Pulse-rifle riffs and leads pour forth in a violent torrent, the drums a pile-driving invocation of horrible, foam-at-the-mouth chaos. All of it an industrial-accident-level cacophony presided over by this voice, this horrible, wonderful oh-you’ve-fucking-had-it-now! madman howl of rage, pain, madness, despair, and enough desperation to choke a vatload of blissed-out science-deniers. See, the secret is, in The Sequence of Prime’s harrowing universe, science, and its mother, nature, do not give one solitary fuck. You, puny human, are inconsequential dust. So realize it, revel in it, and embrace the annihilation.
-Kyle Harcott, Hellbound

“Inter-” is intense and passionate, complex and relentless, and downright fucking heavy. Beyond technically impressive, especially when keeping in mind that the entire thing comes from just one rather mild mannered looking dude from Kansas City, The Sequence Of Prime writes metal music that matches the subject matter perfectly. It is intellectually engaging in every way without its head stuffed too far in its own ass; not too serious, not too heavy, but seriously fucking heavy. Lyrics discussing black holes and other outer space shit with music that is like a 10 ton scientific jackhammer to the back of the head.
-Joshua Decker, Grindthieves

The listener is sonically assaulted with a wall of sound comprised of industrial-tinged thrash and grind, sweeping everything into a vortex of chaos and aggression. The unwary may wonder just what in the hell Duncan is doing, but once one emerges within The Sequence of Prime's music and views the canvas from within the insanity, an appreciation builds for the complex arrangements and raw passion of creation.
-New Wave of Thrash Metal

Duncan seemingly seeks to make each album a complete package, from the artwork to the music to the writings. There is a certain madness to his lyrics, the mad scratchings of one who has journeyed beyond our plane of existence and viewed terrible and incomprehensible things, and it is this madness that draws you in. It is the lure of the unknown, the lure of knowledge forbidden, the lure of passing through the barrier between worlds and between existences.
-Oculus Infernus

It’s been two long years (a decade in headbanger years) since Kansas one-man metal militia Brandon Duncan delivered an ass-chapping slab of electro-grind. Inter-, a concept album about black holes and the hostile entities that lurk therein, is worth the interval. From the decimating fusillade of “Tachyon,” a dire warning on the scientific use of void-creating Hadron colliders, to the stop-and-go avalanching of “Schwarzschild Radius,” which imagines, according to the lyrics, “passing through the esophagus” of time, Inter- is intellectual, elite industrial-thrash. ★★★★
-Jarret Keene, Vegas Seven

...a harsh and unforgivingly aggressive release, moving at a blistering pace...
-No Clean Singing


released May 3, 2012



all rights reserved


The Sequence of Prime Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Tachyon
approaching infinity
accelerating exponentially
as I lose my energy

violating all that was known of causality

passing freely in between
universes previously unforeseen

impossible to intervene
cannot stop the ungovernable machine

challenging special relativity

break the Lorentz invariance
shattering all barriers

three hundred million meters per second

forbidden from slowing down
imprudent movement remains constant

take my hand at your own risk
let go and I'll never look back
forward thinking, no regrets
Track Name: Ultimate Ensemble
all probable observations
correspond with a unique vision of reality

the die lands
but the result is insignificant

quantum decoherence
dephasing consequence
non-denumerable and infinite

once parallel and non-communicating
now intersecting, manifesting

conscious experience becomes tangible
all computable self-aware substructures
do (or do not) exist within

the ultimate ensemble
Track Name: Schwarzschild Radius
hydrogen depletes, critical level breached
insufficient heat, longing for defeat

ignition, ascension

multiplying gravity
unattainable escape velocity

second law, maximum entropy
frozen energy
nothing further can be extracted

space and time distortions
annihilation is mutual

growing near, blackened sphere
light disappears, constant state of fear
as I cross the radius

staring into emptiness
passing through the esophagus

reversal of time

I regain my hate
watching myself fall
the greatest joy of all
Track Name: Denouement
the birds are becoming anxious
failing navigation instinct
unfamiliar light drowns out the moon
time appears frozen at noon

glowing tail descends across the horizon
second dawn unfolds, presses on
super-heated meteors
buzzing like agitated hornets

nitrogen: all that’s left to burn

a constant barrage of cosmic explosions
mountains dissolve by the extent of erosion
mass confusion

inimical environment accelerates our conclusion
celestial debris sterilizes the vegetation
blazing winds carry the wails of children

acidic torrential downpours
wash away all color
the painting stripped to its canvas
Track Name: Vertex
seemingly parallel and exclusively independent
miscalculations make the unexpected imminent
approaching the point of intersecting segments

crossing lines, polygons of catastrophe
resembling a broken mirror that disfigures actuality
universe to anti-universe on display in horrifying totality
chirality, what's the point of immortality?

the multiverse revealed in a dreaded singularity
forced to accept the concept of ontological asymmetry
life, machine and spirit combine into a single entity

a masochistic terrorist of misanthropic perfection
oscillating strings sound the war cry for extinction
all demographics reach the morbid intersection

holocaustic hammering of every human doctrine
cosmos versus cosmos, atom versus atom
stability achieved through chaotic proaction
Track Name: Directed Panspermia
locked in the sights of the other-realms’ assassins
devoted to destruction without any hint of compassion

alternate beings firing neutrino-like missiles
extremophiles encased in microbial capsules

impenetrable in the harshest conditions
thriving, surviving their genocidal mission

puncturing the barrier that divides existence
delivering the payload with merciless menace

bacteriophages transmit the infection
incurable pestilence, invasive microorganisms

rampant rapid-death of familiar ecosystems

carcasses incubate the eggs in effortless acclimation
life replaced anew with the quintessential generation
Track Name: Shades
shades form from the void
supernatural black humanoids
once thought to be hallucinations

by-products of sleep deprivation
overactive imagination

proven now, undeniable

entering through expanding splits
gateways to facilitate their maleficent intent
basking in the glory of our torment

hate-driven inter-dimensional
apparitional malevolence
Track Name: Hologram
projections from an alternate present
unknowingly omniscient

pointless attempts to fracture the image
remaining complete in spite of its division
realities unfolding with every decision

interference patterns create seamless extensions
each universe a cell in the bloodstream of dimensions

faith and morality, question after question
redirect the angle to alter all perception

however, I must remember
the answers are irrelevant despite the path chosen
self-regenerating and interwoven

uncountable appendages reach deep into the oceans
and outwards to the stars with a single motion

everything that was
and everything to be
resides within you and me